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Nov 10, 2015

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a proposal to expand and amend the Section 608 program, which governs the handling, use, and sale of ozone depleting (ODS) compounds used as refrigerants. The proposed changes are intended to reduce the amount of refrigerants (ODS and non-ODS) that are knowingly vented or released into the atmosphere, update the current technician’s certification program, and enhance enforcement of violations of the venting prohibition.

These proposed changes would affect the practices and operations of residential and commercial HVACR contractors, distributors, refrigerant reclaimers, and organizations that certify technicians.

The following is a summary of the major changes to the National Recycling and Emission Reduction Program in the proposed rule, which if adopted would become effective in January 2017. 

1. Extending the requirements of the Refrigerant Management Program to cover substitute refrigerants, such as HFCs. Note that some substitutes have already been exempted from the section 608 venting prohibition as provided for under section 608 in previous EPA rules; such substitutes would also be exempted from the requirements under this proposed rule.

2. Require technicians to keep a record of refrigerant recovered during system disposal from systems with a charge size from 5-50 lbs. This would apply to both ODS and non-ODS refrigerants.

3. Lower the leak rate threshold above which owner/operators of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment normally containing 50+ lbs. of refrigerant must repair leaks:

  • Lower from 35 percent to 20 percent for industrial process refrigeration (IPR) and commercial refrigeration equipment.
  • Lower from 15 percent to 10 percent for comfort cooling equipment.

4. Require regular leak inspections or continuous monitoring devices for refrigeration and air conditioning systems as follows:

  • Annual inspection for systems normally containing 50+ lbs. of refrigerant.
  • Quarterly inspections for commercial refrigeration and IPR systems normally containing 500+ lbs. of refrigerant.

5. Prohibit operation of systems normally containing 50+ lbs. of refrigerant that have leaked 75 percent or more of their full charge for two consecutive years.

6. Allow the purchase of cans containing two pounds or less of non-ODS refrigerant for motor vehicle air conditioner (MVAC) servicing without technician certification so long as the small cans have a self-sealing valve to reduce refrigerant releases.

7. Require that certifying organizations publish lists or create online databases of technicians that they certify.

8. The EPA will update the technician certification test bank with more questions on handling substitutes, including flammable substitute refrigerants, and on the impacts of climate change.


Source: HARDInet.org



Jul 01, 2015

Lebanon, PA – APR Supply Co. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sage Supply Company. The transition began in June 2015, and will be APR Supply Co.’s first location in New York.

Sage Supply Company is a distributor of plumbing and HVAC products, founded in 1953 by Sam Ainslie, Al Anthony, George Ainslie, and Earl Grady. Greg Fiske was the owner at the time of the acquisition. The business operated one branch location in Johnson City, NY.

Sage Supply also offered one of the area’s premier bath showrooms. The Johnson City showroom will become the eighth APR Supply Co. location to display kitchen and bath fixtures, and will operate under the Oasis Showrooms name.

“The acquisition of Sage Supply Company Represents a continuation of APR’s aggressive growth strategy,” said David Robinson, COO of APR Supply Co. “We are excited about this opportunity to grow in a new market.”

Dave Orso, Regional Manager of our Williamsport, Bloomsburg, Hazelton branches will be overseeing operations of the Johnson City location. Orso has been an employee of APR Supply for 14 years.



Jul 01, 2015

From James C. McGouldrick, Jr., Vice President of Sales, Bradford White

Bradford White’s current limited warranty policy is stated within the warranty document that is supplied with every water heater:

“If a defect occurs within the warranty period, we will provide a replacement water heater of our manufacture (or at our option repair) any unit which develops a leak in the steel tank within the tank warranty period. To obtain a replacement, you must forward the rating plate from the defective unit to us. If government regulations require the replacement water heater to have features not found in the defective water heater, you will be required to pay the difference in price represented by those government required features.”

With the NAECA transition date of April 16, 2015 being right around the corner, many contractors and wholesalers are asking: “How are you going to handle warranties relative to NAECA?” As you know, deciding how to administer our warranty policy when it applies to the replacement of existing product with NAECA 2015 compliant product is difficult because the new models will be different in size, performance and cost from the water heaters produced prior to April 16th, 2015. In some cases, a direct replacement will not be available. In other cases, the customer may not be able to install the recommended replacement heater because of dimensional constraints or other reasons.

Based on a thorough review of the options, we have chosen to take a simplified approach to the administration of pre-NAECA 2015 warranty replacements. We looked at successful past programs (such as FVIR) and the warranty upgrade process. Our goals were to streamline the process so that wholesalers and contractors will know what their options are, and what the costs will be before the contractor has to explain the warranty process to the homeowner.

Much like FVIR, we will provide the wholesaler with a credit for the amount paid for the replacement product, less a deduction to cover the cost of the new government required modifications. To simplify the process, the Warranty Upgrade Levels (as listed on page 4 of the Wholesale Price Schedule, effective date May 1, 2014 – attachment 1) will determine the amount of the deduction from the warranty credit issued. There will be an additional level, Level 3, to cover the unique situations where a comparable replacement is not available.

A few examples are shown below:
- If an MI40T6FBN (Level 1) fails under warranty, we will issue credit for the amount the wholesaler paid for the RG240T replacement, less a deduction of $50.
- If an M2XR75S6BN (Level 2) fails under warranty, we will issue credit for the amount the wholesaler paid for the RG275H replacement, less a deduction of $80.
- If an M280R6DS (Level 3) fails under warranty, we will issue credit for the amount the wholesaler paid for the RE2H80R, less a deduction of $750.

For your convenience, an addendum to the 02/02/2015 Bradford White Wholesale Price Schedule shows a complete list of the Bradford White suggested replacement models and their corresponding levels. If another model is chosen for replacement by the customer not indicated on this list, we will issue credit for the lesser amount. For example, if a customer replaces an MI40T6FBN with an RG230T, we will issue credit for an RG240T less $50, or for the amount paid for the RG230T, whichever is less.

In consideration of the warranty replacement cost, Bradford White will provide the end customer with a brand new limited six (6) year warranty instead of the remainder of the original limited warranty period. For example, if a six (6) year limited warranty product installed in 2014 fails in 2016 after two years of use, the replacement Bradford White water heater would carry a new (6) year limited warranty beginning in 2016. This warranty extension does not apply to:

- Products originally warranted other than six (6) years, and/or
- Products that carry the new Bradford White model structure (i.e. a NAECA 2015 compliant replacement of a NAECA 2015 compliant product)

Original products that were upgraded to a ten (10) year warranty at the time of purchase will continue to carry the remainder of the limited warranty upgrade. For example, if a ten (10) year limited warranty product installed in 2014 fails in 2016 after two (2) years of use, the 3replacement Bradford White water heater would carry the remainder of the original ten (10) year limited warranty, or eight (8) years in this example.

Lastly, we recognize that Bradford White contractors will encounter questions regarding NAECA from their customers as they install new NAECA 2015 compliant heaters in both warranty and non-warranty situations. We’ve attached a sample of the brochure that will be available to help contractors communicate with homeowners regarding NAECA. This brochure will be available for order through the standard Bradford White literature ordering process.

If you have any questions regarding the administration of warranty replacements, please contact your Bradford White representative or our Warranty Department at (800) 531-2111.



May 21, 2015 | by Sara Crimmel

LEBANON, PA – APR Supply Co.’s President and CEO Scott Weaver can frequently be found attending national industry events or meeting with politicians on behalf of Pennsylvania businesses. Recently, Weaver participated in two events much closer to home: the Rock Lititz bike tour and the Central Penn Business Journal’s 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes event. 

On Sunday, April 26, Weaver participated in the third annual Rock Lititz bike tour. Rock Lititz is a recreational, non-competitive cycling event benefiting the Common Wheel (an organization dedicating to creating a safe bicycling environment in Lancaster), and Music for Everyone (a non-profit charitable organization providing resources to keep music in schools and communities). Weaver and other APR team members cycled 100 kilometers around Lancaster County during the tour.

On Wednesday, May 13, Weaver joined eight of the region’s top CEOs as a panelist at the Central Penn Business Journal’s 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes event. Each speaker had five minutes to discuss their best ideas for business success with the attendees. Speakers also provided attendees with a list of their top 10 ideas for business success. More information about 90 Ideas in 90 Minutes can be found at www.cpbj.com.

Click here to view Scott Weaver's list of Top Ten Ideas for Business Success.