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Oct 28, 2013 | by Ryan Kiscaden



Lebanon, PA, –APR Supply Company (APR) and Rumsey Electric Company (Rumsey), building on the success of their joint partnership in the Philadelphia center city branch location and Malvern, are pleased to announce the November 4th planned joint venture partnership on the island of Atlantic City, NJ.


The new 40,000+ square foot retail and stocking facility will be located on 1810 Baltic Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ in the former Billows Electric Supply location.  This will serve as a local brick and mortar presence for APR’s Southern New Jersey business aspirations.  The move strategically aligns APR’s bold decision to become a stocking distributor of Heil Heating and Cooling Products into the Southern New Jersey market.  APR will serve customers by utilizing the cost efficiencies gained by joining their strategic partners in one facility.  Additionally, the customer will experience APR’s commitment to “Delivering Your Success”.   This experience is heightened when customers experience the local, broadened product availability of the new facility.  APR partners with a similar channel segment leader in Rumsey Electric to deliver this experience to the contracting customer. 

This collaboration helps APR and Rumsey better serve their collective customers by creating a one-stop shopping environment.  Customers often make purchases from Rumsey and APR separately but gain productivity boosts by visiting one distributor location.  Now customers can find a large assortment of material to finish the job.  APR and Rumsey’s collective goal - create a single desirable destination for regional industrial, facility maintenance, and contractors who serve both the electrical, plumbing and HVAC needs of regional businesses. 



Jul 15, 2013 | by Ryan Kiscaden



LEBANON, PA - APR Supply Company is proud to announce its partnership with ICP through its Heil Heating and Cooling Products. Effective immediately, APR Supply Company will be a stocking distributor of the Heil brand. This will include central and eastern Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware. This strategic alliance helps position APR Supply Company for continued growth into new HVAC unitary markets such as light commercial HVAC rooftop units and strategically adds an additional major residential HVAC product line to its already expansive offerings. This multi-tiered HVAC product offering fits APR’s bold ambitions to be in the top 20 HVAC Distributors in the United States. APR Supply is currently 33rd. This decision helps APR Supply Company expand geographically while simultaneously remaining a market share leader in its current footprint. APR Supply Company will stock residential heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, light commercial units, and parts to accommodate all of their customers needs.


“We’ve worked hard to position ourselves as a leading distributor of HVAC equipment in our region. The addition of the Heil brand is the next step in our growth in both the residential and commercial markets.” Jeff Thompson, Director of Dealer Based HVAC Products.



Apr 10, 2013

APR Supply Company is pleased to announce the May 6th grand opening of a new branch location in Malvern, PA. The new 15,000+ square foot retail and stocking facility is conveniently located on route 30 at 401 in the Great Valley Center with easy access to the Route 202 corridor and PA turnpike. 



Mar 13, 2013 | by Supply House Times

Y.E. provides a forum for manufacturers to build long-term relationships with the next generation of key leaders for current and potential distributor partners.


How does a company preserve that which enables it to succeed for one generation after another?

The PHCP and industrial PVF industry is certainly one with so many examples of how wholesalers, manufacturers and independent manufacturers representatives have persevered time and again through changing economic and political realities, evolving logistics, industry consolidation, and new products and technologies.

One constant that has helped businesses throughout our industry to maintain integrity and productivity over time is people. If one considers people to be among a company’s most important assets, then investing in their professional development is a very relevant and wise investment for a company’s future.

A company’s affiliation with associations will help to cultivate the best of today’s middle managers into tomorrow’s most complete business leaders in the industry. “For many years, ASA’s Young Executives Division (more commonly referred to as Y.E.) has helped the next generation of industry executives learn from one another, collaborate and build trust to help make us and our companies better,” Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co.’s Ed Ismertsays.

Y.E. members represent a diversity of perspectives among different supply-chain partners from many markets across the country. APR Supply Co’s Scott Weaver and M. Cooper Supply Co.’s Greg Goode agree this provides Y.E. members with a professional maturity that gives them confidence to face the new challenges an ever-changing business landscape brings. “ASA’s  Y.E.  remains relevant and dynamic because it continues to provide a platform that brings together our industry’s emerging leaders to network and learn in an environment that is open and non-threatening,” says Worly Plumbing Supply’s Jeff Worly, the current Y.E. chairman. “In fact, over the past five years Y.E. membership has grown more than 40%.”

Despite the growing interest about who will be the future of our industry along with the growing roster of Y.E. members, it’s not uncommon for wholesalers to be skeptical about joining the group. Progressive Plumbing Supply’s Jim Agnellowas unsure as to the time commitment required to deliver relevant value. “I have come to appreciate what Y.E.  is all about – interaction. Being part of this peer group that helps me to build career-spanning relationships with lots of great people throughout the industry is paying dividends for me.”

Being a Y.E. member means being part of a nationwide, peer-to-peer industry group outside typical circles that values integrity and trust. Y.E. members are willing to talk about the issues, challenges, successes and failures with which they all contend because it helps them to prioritize what they need to focus on in their respective roles. This trust builds confidence and cultivates a rich camaraderie that serves to mature critical relationships that will span entire careers. This fraternal atmosphere expands the ability for Y.E. members to learn so much more about the industry and its many diverse parts from one another, industry pros and engaging educational speakers addressing timely topics. 

At the 2012 Spring Forum in New Orleans, Plumbing Distributors Inc.’s Jay Wilsongathered ideas from non- competitors about improving turns, eliminating surplus inventory and preparing to comply with low-lead legislation. Valley Supply’s Rogers Earlhas since implemented better disaster recovery plans, including communications and supervisory training for key personnel. “The relationships I have made with peers involved with Y.E. have grown into some of my strongest and most valuable professional and personal friendships,” Economy Plumbing Supply’s John Strongsays. “Y.E.  is one of the most valuable initiatives that will help to build our next generation of managers and industry leaders.”

So, how do manufacturers find a group of young executives in an organization for wholesalers to be of any direct value for them and their companies? “Working alongside our distributor partners in an effort to drive future success within our business is an important initiative,” Kohler Co.’s Garry Jordansays. Anvil’s Trent Francisconiadds, “The annual Forum is an invaluable opportunity to listen and learn from the young executives’ successes, failures and challenges, and then readily apply that information.”

The insights and feedback manufacturers gain help to strengthen their respective brands. American Standard’s Chris Caponeand Jeremy Cressmanunderstand Y.E. members readily anticipate new challenges and look to new products and innovations that will meet them. “The exchange and acceptance of new concepts and different ideas related to common challenges is a key focus for Y.E. members that help them to expand and strengthen their business acumen,” Capone says. “Blending discussions about best practices and integration of today’s technology increases a wholesaler’s ability to meet the challenging and ever-changing business environment.” 

Cressman adds: “This helps me understand how our brand can help to differentiate our customers’ businesses profitably. When I’m with ASA’s Young Execs, I learn how our business systems and products can impact the project teams, cultures and unique marketplaces for our many customers.”

InSinkErator’s Rebecca Falish, Basco’s Don Gambleand White Wolf Group’s Zach Hudginsall agree Y.E. is made up of individuals who are genuinely passionate about their businesses and futures. “Y.E. members are engaged, driven and focused on making certain their companies operate with best practices that are rooted in a broad spectrum of experiences.”

The same reasons for joining Y.E. hold true for independent manufacturers representatives such as P-M & Associates’ Michael Henderson. “Networking with distributors and manufacturers from across the country and learning from them about how the supply-chain business works helps me understand how I can manage my business to be a better partner with the distributors in my market and manufacturers I represent.”  For Dellon Sales’ Spencer Bodner, the camaraderie among group members is second-to-none. “Y.E. has introduced me to so many friends throughout our industry that I know I can