Gibson KG7SA-108C-35C1 108,000 Btu/hr 80% Single-Stage Upflow / Horizontal Gas Furnace PSC 21" Width

  • Mfg. Name: Nortek Global
  • MPN: KG7SA-108C-35C1
  • Brand: Gibson
  • UPC: 663132227150
  • APR Part #: 1391437
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1

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Gibson KG7SA-108C-35C1

100% fired and tested: All units and each component are tested on the manufacturing line.
Best packaging in the industry: Unique corner post design assures product will arrive to the homeowner dent free.
Low Boy Height: Easy to apply in low ceiling applications, works well with taller high SEER coils, easier to handle and install.
Tubular primary heat exchanger: Heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger assures a long life.
30 second blower delay at start-up: Assures a warm duct temperature at furnace start-up. Adjustable blower off settings (60, 90, 120 and 180 seconds).
30 second post purge: Increases life of heat exchanger.
Hot surface ignitor: Innovative application of an appliance type ignitor with a 20 year history of reliability. Utilizes proven Smartlite® technology.
Color coded wire harness: Designed to fit the components, all with quick-connect fittings for ease of service and replacement.
High static blowers: All models equipped with high static blowers.
90 second cooling cycle blower-off delay (TDR): increases cooling performance when matched with a Nortek Global HVAC coil.
Flexible category I venting system: May be vented with dedicated venting system or common vented with other category one appliances.
High efficiency blower kits: Maximize effciencies. On select units, a SEER improvement of up to 1 point is realized.
Multi-speed direct drive blower: Designed to give a wide range of cooling capacities. Switches on PCB, provide ultra easy motor speed selection.
LP convertible: Simple burner orifice and regulators pring change for ease of convertibility.
Diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting without counting flashes: Dedicated light for flame signal strength and 2 lights in combination to indicate all other fault codes with easy to recognize states without counting flashes.
Integrated control board: Incorporates connections for electronic air cleaner and humidifer.
Two piece door design: Enhances furnace appearance and uses captured screws to prevent loosing door screws.
Furnace Air Leakage: These furnaces comply with Energy Star cabinet air leakage requirement of less than or equal to 2%.Keep the conditioned air flowing to where it's needed.


The high efficiency gas furnace may be installed free standing in a utility room, basement, or enclosed in an alcove or closet. The rounded corner jacket provides a pleasing “appliance appearance.” Design certifed by CSA for application in the United States and Canada.

Gibson KG7SA-108C-35C1 108,000 Btu/hr 80% Single-Stage Upflow / Horizontal Gas Furnace PSC 21" Width

AFUE Rating      80%
Configuration      Upflow / Horizontal
Input Capacity      108,000 Btu/hr
Input Grouping      100,000-109,999 Btu/hr
Motor Type      PSC
Output Capacity      86,400 Btu/hr
Output Grouping      80,000-89,999 Btu/hr
Stages      Single-Stage
Width      21 in