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Venting DO NOTS

  Do Not locate the terminal less than 7 feet above public walkways. This applies to steps and
            stairwells as well.

  Do Not locate the termination where condensate may present a problem such as flower beds, patios etc.

  Do Not locate within 4 feet of gas or electric meter or gas regulator.

  Do Not locate the vent terminal within 4 feet of an adjacent building.

  Do Not locate within 12 inches above an operable window.

  Do Not locate vent less than 4 feet below or beside any door, window or gravity air inlet into any building.

  Do Not locate within 3 feet of any inside corner of a building structure.

  Also when possible vent termination should not be subject to prevailing winds and should terminate at
            least 12 inches above the expected snow depth.  Consideration should be given to past unusual snow falls.